I’ve got a vision living fly by the seat of my pants
Driven by the drive of my great grandparents
Who left a “scorched land”
For a Dream and second chance
Becoming American immigrants
I am a product of their labor and their circumstance
So I’m here with their mission to assimilate and be great as inheritance

We are the children of a legacy
Filling pages with our lettering
The way we tell it
Tell it to the beat
Carry their burden
Learning to finally let it be
Let it Be.
Open the windows of the past
And let ’em breathe
Let them Breathe.

And now we’re measuring
Rebuilding for a better scene
Leveling the fields that we used to work in
But can you measure me?

Seeking pleasure in the feel
Because my Spirit’s deafening
Confessions over beats

Mind your church people
Yal carry sharp points with your steeple
Injecting dogmas with a needle
But we bleed slow
Cause we know external faith breeds evil
So we’re within for a Divine peephole



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